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  who is Austin?

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 who is Austin? Empty
PostSubject: who is Austin?    who is Austin? EmptySat May 11, 2013 10:20 pm

sup guys,
I'am Austin and i'am from Australia.
I'am currently 15 and i'll be turning 16 in august !
My hobby is skateboarding & surfing, if your a fan of it too, we could be awesome buddies together [;
I'am an easy going dude, i promise! feel free to talk to me, I dont bite, i swear. ;]

On this site, i'll be posting tons of topics for everyone, questions and topics about coding. Not Only that, I'am also helping Ray to keep the site groovy. ;]
If you need help with any issues, and i seriously mean ANY, you can email me, ask for my email or leave your email behind :]

I have kik, pinger, whatsapp, etc's.
you can also chat me up in any of those apps about codings, that'd be great!

I hope you enjoy your stay ovaaa here.
stick yo asses with us cuz theres more to come and you'll benefit from it !

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God Ray
God Ray

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 who is Austin? Empty
PostSubject: Re: who is Austin?    who is Austin? EmptySat May 11, 2013 10:34 pm

Haha, hey Austin thanks for joining. I'm sure you're going to make a great attribute to this site with your mass amount of dedication.

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who is Austin?
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