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 [Beginner TuT] How to make borders using CSS

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God Ray
God Ray

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[Beginner TuT] How to make borders using CSS Empty
PostSubject: [Beginner TuT] How to make borders using CSS   [Beginner TuT] How to make borders using CSS EmptyFri May 03, 2013 3:11 am

How to make borders with CSS

Hey everyone, today I shall walk you through how to make some pretty beginner borders in html using css styling.

First off go ahead and make a html document and name it whatever you want!

Now I will be giving you a code to paste into your html document,


border: 2px red solid;

  <div class="border">
My border

Now that you have copied and pasted that into your html document, save it as (anyname).html and open it in a web browser and you should confronted with a square like border.

How to edit this border?
To edit this border's size you may change these 2 values in your html document, "Width:100px;" and "Height:100px;"

border: 2px red solid;      /* <<<<CHANGE THE COLOR AND STYLE<<<<</*
width:100px;        /* <<<<<<<<<<CHANGE THAT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<*/
height:100px;        /*  <<<<<<<<<<< AND THAT<<<<<<<<<<<*/

Explanation of things:

 border: 2px red solid;

This inidcates how big the border is (2px) the border color (red) and the border style (solid).


This indicates the width(100px) and the height(100px) of the border.

I will post later on more border style's for you guys to play around with and use.

If you cannot find the color you want use: Click here !!!

Please post below if you have any questions for would like more detail on certain parts.
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[Beginner TuT] How to make borders using CSS
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