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 How To Play FF

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God Ray
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How To Play FF Empty
PostSubject: How To Play FF   How To Play FF EmptyMon Oct 28, 2013 3:22 am

How To Play FF

Ok, so. This tutorial well explain the basics of how to play the game FF on habbo.

First of. FF stands for Falling Furni.

FF is a game hosted by another habbo user. Yes, some users will scam you in these games. But it's always fun to play anyhow.

Ok, to begin. The host will have all the players gather in a blocked in portion on the room. He will then place sofas, chairs, etc down. You objective is to try to be the first to sit in one of these for the last man standing loses and must P2P(Pay to Play). This game continues until there is only 2 people left then it will be a 1space. On a 1space the players stand 1 tile away from each over and say "R" when they are ready. Then the host shall drop a chair and the first to sit in it wins.

Need more in-depth instructions? Comment below!

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How To Play FF
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