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 [TuT] How to make a basic AutoTyper

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God Ray
God Ray

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[TuT] How to make a basic AutoTyper Empty
PostSubject: [TuT] How to make a basic AutoTyper   [TuT] How to make a basic AutoTyper EmptyFri May 10, 2013 4:18 pm

Basic AutoTyper

OK, today. I will be showing you how to make a basic autotyper.

I'm going to try my best to get straight to the point.

Things we are going to need:
1. Visual Basic 2010 (Vb.Net)
2.A Computer

Go ahead and make a new form.

Once you have done that we are going to need to add some things.

List of things we need and the amount we need of them:
2 Buttons.
1 Timer.(Change timers interval to 1000 "1000=1second in milliseconds")
2 Textboxs.(Make a long one. and a short 1.)

Textbox1 is where your going to enter your message to send.
Textbox2 is the amount of times you want to send it!

Once you have those arranged on your form nice and neat or however you want it to be. We will begin the coding part.

To start off let's double click on button1 (you may change the button text to whatever you like.)

Now, that we are in the part we can code in, we can now program the button to do what we say!

So, we want this button to start a timer.

So we type:

Timer1.Interval = Textbox2.text * 1000


Now, that we can start the timer we are going to need a way to end it now aren't we? So, we the same with button2.

So we type:


Now that we can turn the timer on and off. We are going to need to code the timer. So, go double click on Timer1.

We want this timer to send the keys we entered into textbox1.text at the amount of time we put in textbox2.text and then send them.

To do this we type:


Lets debug this project and try it out. If all went well it should send the keys you enter into textbox1.text at the speed you put into textbox2.text.

***To test this I'd recommend putting in 1 second and opening notepad and letting it do it's spamming in the notepad.***

If you require any additional help please post below!
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[TuT] How to make a basic AutoTyper
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